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A born writer and experienced editor

I’ve been a writer for basically as long as I could write. I vividly recall my grade 2 teacher encouraging me to become an author when I got older. And I continued to excel at most writing assignments throughout elementary and high school. Eventually, my friends figured out that this was my forte and would give me their papers to review.

It took me until the end of my first year in university to confidently submit a couple written articles to the student newspaper. But then, the new editor-in-chief contacted everyone over the summer about joining the editorial team and I became a section editor in my second year, which led to being Assistant Editor in third year.

That summer, I decided to take a crack at freelance editing for the first time by making cold calls to businesses and putting up flyers around a university. I ended up helping a few students and working for an independent publisher a short while. After I graduated, I interned with two national magazines and applied to any related position that would involve writing and editing. Finally, I landed a great role working in marketing and communications for a big national accounting firm.

I gained invaluable experience and skills over the course of my time there, working on a plethora of advertisements, brochures, press releases, web copy, case studies, and HR material. I also learned about marketing and even a bit about graphic design.

After half a decade, I decided to leave and focus on other passions and interests. Now I get to enjoy working with a wide range of businesses, not-for-profits and individuals on various kinds of materials. And that’s what brings us here.

So, how can I help you?

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